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Kennebec Technologies “Leans” into 2010

with Greater Commitment to Quality and Efficiency Control

Kennebec Technologies continues its ongoing commitment to Lean Six Sigma practices with new training and equipment.

Certified for Lean Six Sigma

Recognizing the tremendous value of Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools, ITT Corporation and Textron Systems both offered training and certification to KT, a key supplier, as an investment in the mutual benefit of their long-term relationship.

Several KT employees have now completed formal training at the Green-Belt level. Two have become certified, and a third will receive certification in early 2010.

KT expects its ongoing commitment to Lean Six Sigma practices will enhance its ability to help its customers be more competitive by reducing cycle time and ensuring that deliveries are made on time and product quality is consistent.

Equipped for Lean Six Sigma

When KT was ready to invest in a new Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) this year, it chose to purchase a second Wenzel, model XO 10/20/7 DCC, one of its standard quality-control workhorses.

Wenzel LH8/10/7Harvey Smith, VP of Operations, leads KT's implementation of Lean standardization principles. “Duplicating the Wenzel introduces standardized technology into the QC area,” said Smith. “This tactic is Lean because it requires no operator learning curve; it allows a CMM inspector to run two machines simultaneously, inspecting on one and programming on the other; and it allows centralized storage of programs and documentation. Equipment standardization also reduces process variation, which can lead to product defects.”

Smith points out that the only difference in the new Wenzel, a larger granite platform, also expands KT's capacity, allowing it to inspect larger machine parts (representative image).

Kennebec Technologies President Recognized for Business Excellence

KT president, Charles “Wick” Johnson, has been named “Business Person of the Year” by Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce and honored with a “Profitable Connections” award from the Smaller Business Association of New England.


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