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Kennebec Receives Nadcap Certification for Fast Hole EDM

further enhancing quality while improving efficiency

Kennebec Technologies continues its ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations for unsurpassed qualilty, value, and service.

Faster Cycles, Better Quality

Close-up of EDM in use Kennebec Technologies, AS9100 certified since 2005, has strengthened its accreditation in the aerospace industry with the addition of Nadcap certification for Fast Hole EDM (AC7116/3). Kennebec President, Charles (Wick) Johnson, said, “Fast Hole EDM drilling reduces cycle time for customers, and Nadcap certification gives them confidence that we meet the highest standards in this process. I am extremely pleased with the work Mike Craig, our Quality Control Manager, did in overseeing this certification project.”

Responding to Customers' Needs

Kennebec initiated its Nadcap certification process in 2009, to move away from customer-specific approved-source criteria. With Nadcap certification, periodic customer surveys are no longer necessary. Certification agent, PRI, conducted its survey in April and granted certification in May, 2010.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bart Haley, said, “Achieving Nadcap certification demonstrates our commitment to listening to our customers’ needs and seeking ways to work for their benefit.” Haley added, “This strengthens our relationship with our customers and, more importantly, it strengthens their relationship with their customers. Everybody along the supply chain wins.”

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