KENNEBEC TECHNOLOGIES -- Beyond Precision Machining

Kennebec Expansion Adds Production Space, New Equipment and Automation

Company President, Charles "Wick" Johnson says "We are in the midst of our most aggressive investment in over 15 years."

4,000 sf of New Production Floor

Photo of construction of 4,000sf production floor expansion

The shell is complete on a new 4,000sf addition to our production floor. The additional space will allow us to restructure our entire production floor to create more efficient partially attended cells to further improve efficiency, quality, and throughput.

New Robotic Machining Center Increases Productivity

Photo of new Fanuc JobShop robotic cell

Kennebec Vice President of Operations, Harvey Smith, says "This job shop cell will expand our horizontal milling capacity while making the most of our skilled labor force." He adds, "It also expands on our already successful partially attended cell strategy, which is the cornerstone of our ongoing commitment to LEAN practices."

New CMMs Bring Precision Inspection to Production Floor

Photo of one of 2 new Duramax CMMs

As part of our Six Sigma program we have added 2 new Zeiss Duramax CMMs. One unit will be added to a production cell to facilitate real-time product measurement and statistical process control at the machine. The other CMM will initially be added to the QC lab for programming development and implementation.

Johnson says, "For the past 18 months we have been hiring and adding new equipment and we expect to continue hiring machinists and adding new equipment through 2012."

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