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New Equipment and a Visit from a
United States Senator

Kennebec Upgrades Large-Turning Capability

Kennebec has placed an order for a new DMG Mori NLX 2500y | 1250 multi-tasking lathe to be delivered and on line in the first quarter of 2015. With a maximum turning diameter of 14.4" and a maximum turning length of 49.4", the new multi-tasking center will expand Kennebec's capabilities for "done-in-one" large-part turning.

3D Printing Expedites New-Product Planning

Kennebec has integrated 3D printing into its new-product planning process to speed up first-run process development. VP of Operations Harvey Smith says, "We're using 3D printed parts as a visual reference for machinists on the floor and as models for QC CMM program development. Having a physical facsimile of a new product has proven invaluable in reducing the amount of time it takes us to bring a new part online."

3D-Printed Precision Machined Part Laser Marking

3D-Printed Reference Part with Laser Marking

Independent U.S. Senator Angus King Visits Kennebec

On September 25, United States Senator Angus King paid a visit to Kennebec to learn more about Kennebec's operations and to see firsthand how Kennebec is overcoming the challenges of manufacturing in a highly competitive global market. In his remarks to Kennebec staff, King applauded Kennebec's commitment to continuous improvement and process innovation. Kennebec President and CEO, Charles "Wick" Johnson, presented the Senator with a copy of Kennbec's Core Values signed by every member of the Kennebec team. While making the presentation, Johnson said, "We asked ourselves what would make a difference in Washington, and we thought our Core Values might provide some inspiration for our legislators." King vowed to display the document on the wall of his Senate office.

Click here to read more and watch a video of the Senator's remarks.

On-Floor CMMs

Kennebec President and CEO, Charles "Wick" Johnson,
Presents Kennebec's Core Values to Independent U.S. Senator Angus King

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