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New Equipment and Processes Enhance Efficiency

New Mills Reduce Handling and Machining Time

Kennebec has placed orders for two new DMG MORI machining centers; an NHX 4000 horizontal mill and an NLX 2500Y1250 universal lathe (mentioned in our November 2014 newsletter). The new machines are scheduled to be online during Q1 2015.

Kennebec Engineering Manager, Brent Duncan, says, "The NHX 4000 replaces one of our workhorse KIWA mills and will machine parts faster with a higher degree of precision." He adds, "The 2500 is the more exciting addition to the lineup. It adds the same kind of done-in-one efficiency we get from our smaller multi-tasking centers in a larger envelope." The new 2500 also delivers extremely high-resolution control at .00001".

ITT and Boeing Award

NLX 2500Y1250 Universal Lathe

On-Floor CMMs


Hardness Tester Reduces Turn Time

Another piece of equipment recently added to the floor is a Mitutoyo HR-430MR hardness tester. Kennebec Quality Manager, Mike Craig, says, "The new hardness tester will allow us to speed up delivery by eliminating the need for outsourced testing. We can test finished parts right here and deliver them faster." The new tester features automated application of loads and dwell times.

On-Floor CMMs

Mitutoyo HR-430MR Hardness Tester

MS Project Integration Improves Part Transition Process

We are enhancing our project management capability to better enable us to seamlessly transition significant new jobs from our customers' production floor to our own. In addition to dedicating and training manufacturing engineering personnel to develop this new core competence, we have acquired MS Project software to tie in with our customers' part transition planning and reporting protocol.

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