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Medical products and device manufacturing


Our experience manufacturing high-precision, complex-geometry machined parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry gives us a distinct advantage over other high-precision medical device manufacturers.

We routinely work within tolerances as tight as +/-.0002 where tolerances of +/- .0005 are called for and have the ability to deliver high-polish finishes on medical products.


Producing highly complex parts and assemblies within extremely tight tolerances is our hallmark. And our vast experience milling, turning, grinding, and drilling exotic and ultra-hard aluminum and steel alloys and titanium allows us to manufacture complex-geometry medical products and devices at a competitive price.

Medical products manufacturers trust Kennebec to deliver high-quality finished parts and assemblies with any level of high-polish or textured finish required. If you need high-precision machine parts for your medical product or device manufacturing process and you need them at a reasonable cost under tight deadlines, look no further than Kennebec Technologies.