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Our high-precision machine parts and assemblies manufacturing expertise has earned the confidence of some of the world's leading companies in a range of industries including aerospace and defense, medical device manufacturing, semiconductor component manufacturing, alternative energy equipment manufacturing, and telecommunications:

Aerospace and defense parts manufacturing: AS9100D, AS9102 and NADCAP certification and expertise. Thin-wall, exotic-alloy, and complex-geometry casting machining. Parts production for commercial and military airframes and engines. Aerospace Industries Association members.

Aerospace and Defense Parts Manufacturing

With AS9100D certification, NADCAP accreditation, and expertise in thin-wall, exotic-alloy, and complex-geometry casting machining, we produce parts for almost every commercial and military airframe or engine in service today.

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Medical equipment machining: Competitive precision machining of titanium and 17-4 stainless steel to intricate and complex geometries for medical device production. Finishing department's clean area includes ultrasonic cleaning tanks meeting medical-industry requirements.

Medical Device Precision Machining

We are uniquely competitive on precision machining of titanium and 17-4 stainless steel to the intricate and complex geometries required for medical device production, and our finishing department's clean area includes two ultrasonic cleaning tanks and meets medical-industry requirements.

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Semiconductor equipment machining: Silicone adhesion enhancement. Leak testing for vacuum conditions. Cleaning, assembling, and packaging in our clean area isolated from machine shop production floor. ESD-compliance for delivery direct to assembly.

Semiconductor Machine Parts Manufacturing

Our finishing department hand works machined product surfaces beyond industry standards; we leak-test components for use in vacuum conditions; and machined parts are cleansed, assembled, and packaged for shipment.

Learn more about Kennebec's semiconductor parts machining.

Alternative energy equipment machining: Solar, wind, and fuel-cell manufacturing.

Alternative Energy High-Precision Machining

We can meet the demands of the emerging solar, wind, and fuel-cell manufacturing market with a dynamic engineering environment that responds well to frequent changes, tight time-to-market requirements, and scaleable production capability for even the most intricate high-precision machine parts and assemblies.

Telecommunications equipment manufacturing: BeCu alloy handling and high-value surface finishing, plating, and refining for resistance to corrosion and wear, conductivity preservation, solderability enhancement, and paint adhesion.

Telecommunications Precision Machine Parts

We manufacture high-precision machine parts complete with high-value surface finishing, plating, and refining to resist corrosion and wear, preserve conductivity, and enhance solderability and paint adhesion.