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Semiconductor Manufacturing Machine Parts

Semiconductor equipment machining: Silicone adhesion enhancement. Leak testing for vacuum conditions. Cleaning, assembling, and packaging in our clean area isolated from machine shop production floor. ESD-compliance for delivery direct to assembly.

Kennebec is well equipped to meet the unique precision machine parts manufacturing demands of the semiconductor equipment manufacturing sector.

We have the multi-axis milling, grinding, turning, and drilling machines necessary to produce complex parts and assemblies to extremely tight tolerances with ultra-high-polish surface finishes.


Stringent in-line and post-production inspection processes incorporate state-of-the-art CMMs for uncommonly high-quality finished parts for semiconductor machine manufacturing. And with years experience each, our quality inspectors bring extensive drawing-interpretation and quality-control expertise to your project. In-line shop-hardened CMMS within manufacturing cells ensure consistent quality from the start. And real-time remote access to measurement data allows you to monitor quality as parts are machined, eliminating the need for on-site inspection.

Our finishing department hand works machined product surfaces beyond industry standards; we leak-test components for use in vacuum conditions; and machined parts are cleansed, assembled, and packaged for shipment.