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Kennebec Technologies has honed its CNC production capacity and process to meet the requirements of the toughest complex precision-machining projects.

We have established and maintain an ideal combination of cross-trained and highly skilled talent; a facility outfitted with top-of-the-line multi-axis milling, grinding, turning and drilling equipment; and lean methodologies using 5S, Kanban, multiple work cells, and just-in-time strategies and systems.

Our 24,000sf machine manufacturing plant features some of the finest CNC machinery available for producing complex parts, machined castings, and assemblies to tight tolerances. All machining centers have full 4th axis capability and produce complex, high-precision components. We have earned international recognition for our precision turning along with complex secondary milling and drilling operations to a broad range of diameters and lengths. We regularly hold tolerances of +/- .0002 where production tolerances are +/- .0005. Make-complete strategies executed through the use of multi-tasking CNC machines and robot-assisted multi-pallet milling machines ensure the fastest cycle times and highest quality.

High-precision machine work requires attention to fine detail, and we keep a close eye on that every step of the way. Our finishing department takes meticulous care deburring, cleaning, assembling, and packaging your order, so your product is not only defect-free, it also meets your high standards and is something we’re proud to have manufactured.

Precision machine casting and assemblies